What items can the one-touch imager measure?




In the past, when measuring small and medium parts, traditional instruments and equipment were often selected, but these traditional equipment were time-consuming and labor-intensive in batch testing, and as the number of workpieces increased, errors such as dimensional deviations would eventually appear, so it was impossible to achieve People's expected results, in order to improve the measurement accuracy and meet the needs of modern production efficiency, many companies will use one-button image measuring instruments for measurement work. At present, one-button measuring instruments are used more and more widely. , This instrument has greatly improved work efficiency and brought many benefits to people.



What are the advantages of the POMEAS one-button image measuring instrument:



1. Desktop structure, small size, easy to carry, suitable for rapid measurement of production line edge dimensions. After placing, it can be measured by just pressing one button. It can also be matched with the customer IO signal to achieve automatic measurement, and the report will be automatically uploaded to the customer data management system.



2. Double telecentric lens with two 12 million cameras, automatic lifting and multi-angle surface light, and independent and powerful edge algorithm, easy to achieve surface light edge finding and high-precision measurement of surface size.



3. The system has a fast measurement speed, and can measure 100 parts in 1 second. The software operation interface is simple and easy to understand, which can easily write measurement programs and report parameter settings. Anyone can get consistent test results.



What items can the POMEAS image measuring instrument measure?



1. Detect the length, width, aperture and other dimensions of the middle frame of the mobile phone to ensure that it meets the assembly requirements;



2. Measure the glass size of the tablet computer, the measurement accuracy is ±2μm, and the data is more accurate;



3. Measure the size of metal castings, quickly obtain various size data, and effectively improve the efficiency of production inspection.



The POMEAS image measuring instrument can also be used for dimension measurement in the fields of electronics, mobile phones, injection molding parts, precision stamping parts, printed circuit boards, tools, clocks and other fields.



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