The role of telecentric optical lenses




In machine vision inspection, it is necessary to use a lens for image capture. The traditional industrial lens is the same as the human eye. Due to the angle of view, there is a phenomenon of "closer and far smaller" when viewing objects. If such a lens is used in a measurement system The object distance often changes, so that the image height changes, so the measured object size also changes, that is, a measurement error occurs; on the other hand, even if the object distance is fixed, it will be difficult because the CCD sensitive surface is not accurate. Adjustment on the image plane will also produce measurement errors.

The telecentric optical lens can effectively solve the above problems. The image-side telecentric lens can eliminate the measurement error caused by the change of the object distance, and the object-side telecentric lens can eliminate the measurement error caused by the inaccurate CCD position. 



The telecentric optical lens has the advantages of ultra-wide depth of field and low distortion, and the magnification does not change with depth, which can eliminate the worry of measurement errors in precision measurement applications.



The telecentric lens has a unique optical design, high resolution, and ultra-wide depth of field, which can be used in precise dimensional measurement, micro-etching, semiconductor inspection and other scenarios, effectively improving machine vision technology. Pomeas telecentric lens has high resolution, low distortion rate, and various types, which can better meet the requirements of machine vision customers for lenses.



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