Types of Telecentric Lenses




The industrial lens is an important workpiece in the machine vision system. If the system wants to fully perform its functions, the industrial lens must be able to meet the requirements. With the wide application of machine vision systems in the field of precision inspection, it is difficult for ordinary industrial lenses to meet the inspection requirements. In order to make up for the shortcomings of ordinary lens applications and meet the needs of precision inspection, telecentric industrial lenses have emerged as the times require, which can correct the parallax of traditional lenses.



POMEAS is a professional manufacturer of optical accessories. The company's products include zoom lenses, industrial lenses, telecentric lenses, etc. In order to meet different application scenarios, POMEAS has developed a variety of categories, including various types of telecentric lenses, including the following .



Types of POMEAS telecentric lenses:



1. Standard telecentric lens


POMEAS standard telecentric lenses are all designed with object-side telecentricity, featuring high depth of field and low distortion. They are small in size, suitable for narrow spaces, and can be used in mobile phone screens and PCB printing industries.



2. High resolution telecentric lens


POMEAS high-resolution telecentric lens with ultra-low distortion, high-resolution imaging, adjustable aperture, large depth of field and can be increased upon request, suitable for AOI inspection, SMT, fastener inspection, etc.



3. Bilateral telecentric lens


POMEAS Bilateral Telecentric Lens High-resolution bilateral telecentric design, ultra-low distortion, large detection field of view, tailored for the precise measurement of large-sized objects, suitable for visual inspection of large-sized mobile phone screens, PCB boards, flat glass, etc.



4. MC fixed magnification telecentric lens


POMEAS fixed magnification telecentric lens has a variety of magnification options, low distortion, uniform imaging brightness, suitable for factory automation and machine vision industries.



If necessary, you can contact online customer service to provide you with telecentric lens selection table and one-stop solution construction service.



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