The role of zoom industrial lens in two-dimensional imager




The two-dimensional imager is an upgraded version of the projector. It overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional projector and is a new type of high-precision, high-tech measuring instrument integrating light, machine, electricity and computer image technology. The structure of the two-dimensional imager is mainly composed of industrial lens, color display, precision grating ruler, data processor, data measurement software and high-precision workbench. Among them, the industrial lens plays the role of the eye. Its main function is to feed back the product image to the industrial camera for subsequent analysis and processing. Without a good lens, it is impossible to take high-quality photos, so the quality of the industrial lens directly affects the The detection effect of the two-dimensional imager.



The classification of industrial lenses includes fixed magnification industrial lenses, telecentric lenses, variable magnification lenses, etc. Among them, the zoom lens is a lens that can be observed at a long distance and can still obtain high-definition images. It can well complete the measurement task of the two-dimensional imager, and provides a guarantee of accuracy for the precise measurement of the two-dimensional imager.


The Pomeas zoom industrial lens has the following advantages:



1. Precise optical path design, with excellent optical performance, high resolution and low distortion imaging.



2. Ultra-long working distance, large field of view observation range.



3. Multi-layer coating technology, reducing stray light and ghosting, providing high-quality images.



4. Anodized metal parts, compact and reliable structure design.



5. The product line includes 6.5X, 8.0X, 12.5X and other zoom ratio lenses, and has manual continuous zoom, fixed-frame fixed, and electric zoom types.



6. Coaxial light illumination, manual fine-tuning (3mm, 12mm), electric fine-tuning (3mm, 12mm) functions are optional.



There are many types of Pomeas zoom industrial lenses, and you can choose additional mirrors, APO objective lenses, prisms, etc. to meet special requirements.



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