Type-c connector size measurement scheme




The Type-C interface belongs to the standing interface of electronic equipment, and the Type-C connector, which is the matching device of the Type-C interface, is one of the indispensable components for the data transmission of electronic products. In order to ensure the universal use of the Type-C connector The size of the Type-C connector needs to be detected.



Testing requirements


Measure the length, width, radian and other dimensions of type-c connectors in batches and accurately, and realize automatic operation. 



The Pomeas IMAGE3 image measuring instrument, as a new type of size measuring instrument, adopts dual telecentric high-resolution optical lenses, combines high-precision image analysis algorithms, and incorporates the principle of one-button flash measurement. When measuring the size of the type-c connector, just press the start button to achieve one-button fast and accurate measurement.



Program advantages


1. The measuring range of the Pumis image measuring instrument can reach 300x200mm, which can detect type-c connectors in batches, complete the measurement of multiple products in a short time, and effectively improve the detection efficiency.



2. The interface of the IMAGE3 image measuring instrument is simple and easy to understand. Compared with the traditional image measuring instrument, the requirements for measuring personnel are not high, and anyone can use it to obtain consistent measurement results.



3. The Pomeas image measuring instrument is equipped with self-developed bi-telecentric optical lens and 10 million pixel industrial camera, which can also achieve precise capture and measurement for small features.



The Pomeas image measuring instrument can realize efficient and accurate size detection. It is an indispensable size measuring instrument in the production of hardware, electronics, mobile phones, glass, etc. The core components such as the software system and optical devices of the measuring equipment are provided independently. Guarantee, if there is a need for precision size testing, you can contact Pomeas to provide you with a complete solution!



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