Uses and Features of One-Button Image Measuring Instruments




The one-button image measuring instrument is a new type of measuring equipment derived from traditional two-dimensional imagers. It adopts double telecentric optical lenses for overall imaging, combined with high frame rate industrial cameras and image analysis algorithms, which can solve the problem that traditional image measuring instruments must perform full-scale measurements one by one. To solve the measurement problem, realize the simultaneous multi-dimensional measurement of multiple products, improve the measurement efficiency while ensuring the detection accuracy, and make the measurement simple and easy to operate!


Features of one-button image measuring instrument:



1. Fast measurement speed: The measurement objects can be placed arbitrarily and tested in batches. After placing, one key can be measured, and 100 parts can be measured in 1 second, which greatly saves the measurement time.



2. High measurement accuracy: with Purmis telecentric lens, image distortion is small and no deformation. With auto-focus function, it can automatically identify the measurement part and make the measurement result more accurate.



3. Simple and easy to operate: The software operation interface is simple and easy to understand, which can easily write measurement programs and report parameter settings, and anyone can obtain consistent test results.



The purpose of the one-button image measuring instrument:



1. Mobile phone industry: It can be used to detect the length, width, radian and other dimensions of mobile phone middle frame, back cover, camera glass and other components.



2. Hardware industry: It can be used to detect the thread, length and other dimensions of products such as screws and castings, automatically determine the tolerance, and identify whether it meets the production requirements.



3. Electronics industry: It can be used for the size detection of electronic components with small, thin, soft and other characteristics to ensure that the product size and tolerance meet the standards.



4. Automobile industry: It can be used to detect the precise dimension measurement of parts such as automobile axle forks and realize fully automatic operation.



The Pomeas image measuring instrument is very suitable for measuring distance, radius, circle, arc, angle and other dimensions. If you want to know more, you can contact Pumis to provide you with a perfect solution.



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