Wafer defect inspection for 4K zoom lens application




Electronic devices used in our lives, such as mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc., all rely on chips to realize functions such as storage and data processing. The core of each chip is a wafer, which is cut from wafers of various specifications. The wafer itself has yield problems, and there may also be various defects on the wafer surface. In order to prevent defective wafers from flowing into the subsequent packaging process, optical inspection equipment must be used to identify, classify and mark wafer surface defects and assist in wafer sorting.



Optical inspection equipment is mainly composed of optical lenses, industrial scanning cameras, light sources, vision processing systems, etc., which can replace traditional manual visual inspection to achieve accurate identification of inspected items and improve inspection efficiency.



In the lens selection of optical inspection equipment, POMEAS 4K zoom lens can increase the magnification field of view by more than 1.45X compared with the traditional optical lens, and has the advantages of large target surface, high resolution, high precision, high efficiency and continuity. It supports 1-inch sensor camera, not only has excellent zoom performance, but also provides a wider field of view, which can capture dust residue, oxidation, scratches, linear defects and other defects in the production process of wafer products faster and more clearly. Remove defective products in time to ensure product quality. Ideal for semiconductor wafer inspection applications.



POMEAS 4K zoom lens is designed in accordance with high-standard resolution requirements, with a magnification of 0.6x-5x, which can meet the needs of most inspection applications, such as CNC tool inspection, precision parts character inspection, FPC inspection, etc. As a core product supplier of machine vision systems, Pomeas can provide you with complete visual inspection solutions.



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