What factors determine the sharpness of industrial lenses?




Industrial lenses are key components in machine vision systems and have a great impact on product inspection images. In order to obtain high-quality imaging results, the sharpness of industrial lenses is the focus of selection. A good industrial lens is well represented in terms of resolution, sharpness, depth of field, etc., but it will also be affected by many factors. The clarity of an industrial lens will be affected by the following factors:



1. Focal length: The smaller the focal length, the greater the depth of field, the greater the distortion, and the more serious the vignetting phenomenon, which reduces the illumination at the edge of the aberration.



2. Aperture: The larger the aperture, the brighter the image, the higher the resolution, and the smaller the depth of field.



3. The center and edge of the image field: Generally, the center of the image field has higher resolution and higher illumination than the edge.



4. Light wave length: Under the same industrial camera and lens parameters, the shorter the light wave wavelength of the illumination light source, the higher the clarity of the obtained image.



5. Lens coating process: Coating plays a great role in color reproduction and processing of polarized color cast. Different coating processes will cause differences in lens color reproduction and polarized color cast treatment. The coating process also directly affects the light transmittance of the lens and affects the clarity of the lens.



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