The difference between a bi-telecentric lens and a telecentric lens




Telecentric lens is a kind of industrial lens, which is characterized by high resolution, ultra-wide depth of field, ultra-low distortion and unique parallel light design, etc. It is usually used in machine vision application scenarios that require high lens distortion, such as: One-button measuring instrument, precision defect detection, etc.

There are three types of telecentric lenses: object-side telecentric, image-side telecentric, and double-telecentric. Among them, the telecentricity of the object side is that the convergence center of the principal rays of the object side parallel to the optical axis is located at infinity in the object side, which can eliminate the reading error; the telecentricity of the image side is that the convergence center of the principal rays of the image side parallel to the optical axis is located at infinity The image side is infinitely far away, which can eliminate the measurement error; the double telecentricity refers to an imaging system that meets the characteristics of both the object-side telecentric optical path and the image-side telecentric optical path. It contains the common advantages of the two telecentric optical paths.


The main difference between telecentric lenses and bi-telecentric lenses is that telecentric lenses are a branch of industrial lenses, and bi-telecentric lenses are just a category of telecentric lenses, which combine the functions of the other two types of telecentric lenses, making them more precise and consistent. high magnification, longer depth of field, and near-zero distortion.



Under the perspective of the telecentric lens, if the object distance and the image distance change, the image height does not change, that is, the measured object size does not change, that is, the object distance change does not affect the measurement accuracy. Pomeas is a core product supplier of machine vision and industrial automation. It independently develops and designs a variety of optical lenses, which can meet the precision inspection needs of dimensional measurement, visual inspection, defect detection, printing inspection, etc., and provide customers with complete lens selection solutions. , to assist in building a visual inspection project.



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