Why use a one-button imager?




Dimensional measurement is an indispensable process in machining and production. Traditional inspection methods have defects such as time-consuming production, long batch measurement operation time, different inspection personnel leading to different measurement results, and complicated data statistics management. The one-button image measuring instrument integrates various measuring tools, which can solve the inherent problems in current dimensional inspection.



The one-button measuring instrument adopts dual telecentric high-resolution optical lenses, combined with high-precision image analysis algorithms, and incorporates the principle of one-button flash measurement. Just press the start button, and the instrument can automatically locate the measurement object, match the template, measure and evaluate, and generate a report according to the shape of the workpiece, truly realizing one-button fast and accurate measurement.



The one-button measuring instrument brings a lot of help to production. It has a wide range of applications in various industries:



1. Application in the automotive industry


The automobile industry is related to personal safety. Therefore, automobiles are also the industry with the highest testing requirements. Almost every component needs to be fully inspected. In the huge production demand, improving the efficiency of testing is the key point that automobile manufacturers need to consider. The Pomeas one-button image measuring instrument can measure all products within the field of view, and can measure multiple products at the same time. It is easy to operate, significantly reduces the measurement man-hours, effectively improves the inspection efficiency, and greatly reduces the production cost.



2. Application in the mobile phone industry


With the intelligent development and upgrading of mobile phones, the precision components in it need to be fully inspected for size and defects, such as mobile phone glass, middle frame, back cover, etc. Using the Pomeas one-button image measuring instrument for detection, it can automatically identify the position, enlarge the image of the mobile phone parts, perform high-precision measurement of size, position, aperture, etc., and measure multiple measurement features at one time, and quickly output the measurement results .



The one-button measuring instrument can also be applied to die-cutting, machinery, tool products, electronic components, clocks, glass, industrial size inspection, etc., instead of artificial vision, to achieve fast, batch measurement.



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