How to ensure the accurate measurement of the one-button measuring instrument?




The feature of the one-button measuring instrument is that it does not need to actually touch the product, and achieves accurate geometric measurement by grasping the boundary features and surfaces of the product. But how to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the one-button measuring instrument?



1. Select a high-precision measuring instrument. The one-button measuring instrument will have a marked measurement accuracy when it leaves the factory. This accuracy represents the range of errors that may occur when actually measuring the product. 2μm, which can ensure high-precision application effect and meet different industrial environments.



2. Programmers need to be familiar with the border positions of the corresponding product drawings to prevent wrong border detection. Image measuring instruments can be programmed to establish a coordinate system and evaluate geometric tolerances on a coordinate basis. Therefore, combine the measurement requirements and the reference position to place the parts, and measure as many dimensions as possible in one placement position to improve the inspection efficiency. The Pumis one-button image measuring instrument has a large measurement range, can measure multiple products at one time, realize batch inspection, and can measure more than 50 sizes within 1 second, effectively improving the measurement efficiency.



3. Through effective application and reasonable maintenance and maintenance, it can not only ensure that the advantages and characteristics of the one-button measuring instrument are fully utilized, but also ensure that its application life is extended, and it can also promote the application advantages while ensuring the measurement accuracy. In terms of application, it will exert better advantages and conditions, and in various industrial environments, it can also break through more stable measurement effects, so that its effects can be played to a more perfect standard, and can be suitable for mass customers in terms of functional quality. actual needs.



Pomeas one-button image measuring instrument is equipped with a double telecentric optical system, combined with a high-precision image analysis algorithm, and incorporates the principle of one-button flash measurement, which can efficiently solve the current problems in size measurement.



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