The role of industrial video microscopes




Industrial video microscope is to combine traditional microscope with camera system, monitor or computer to enlarge the image of the product and display it on the monitor screen to achieve the purpose of magnifying and observing the object to be measured. It can be taken into pictures or videos for re-analysis and processing, and the measurement software can be configured to measure various data.


High-contrast imaging makes industrial video microscopes a quality control and manufacturing analysis observation tool in numerous industrial applications. Some common industrial applications include:



1. SMT detection


In the SMT surface mount process, due to various reasons, chips and some components often have defects such as open welding, virtual welding, bridging, offset and pin deformation, and these defects cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. Yes, using a video microscope, it can provide real and clear images and quickly identify defects.



2. Hardware detection


Pomeas 3D industrial video microscope adopts high-definition industrial camera imaging, has three-dimensional configuration display, image storage and photographing function. Through two-dimensional imaging, the surface defects of the hardware can be observed, and the three-dimensional device can be switched to observe the inner wall of the hole in 360° directions.



3. Gold finger defect detection


Pomeas autofocus video microscope is a high-performance microscope with high-definition observation and real-time image acquisition functions. It has excellent optical performance and can obtain more delicate and clear images. , glue and other defects can be clearly and quickly identified.



Video microscopes can also be used in the inspection of electronic industrial production lines, the inspection of printed circuit boards, the inspection of welding defects in printed circuit components, the inspection of single-board PCs, and so on. Pomeas autofocus video microscope is not only widely used in industry, but also has excellent performance in scientific research, jewelry making and other fields.



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