How to judge the quality of industrial lenses?




In the machine vision system, the quality of the industrial lens affects the imaging quality of the image. Therefore, choosing a high-quality lens is an important part of the construction of the vision system. How can we judge the quality of the industrial lens? It can be understood from the shape structure, resolution, contrast, MTF, etc.



1. Structural material

The lens of the lens is fixed by a metal ring or a plastic ring. These retaining rings are flexibly clamped through multi-stage threads, so that each lens and lens group can move back and forth. The movement of the lens must remain accurate after years of operation and stress. In terms of mechanical properties, this is a huge challenge for the lens, which requires the lens to be of excellent material.



2. Resolution

Resolution represents the minimum size that an optical system can distinguish in a certain dimension, which refers to the ability of the lens to clearly reproduce the details of the subject. The higher the resolution of the lens, the clearer and more delicate the captured image.



3. Contrast

Contrast can be considered as the difficulty of the optical system to distinguish objects. For a certain optical system, when the measured object changes from low frequency to high frequency, the contrast always changes from high to low until it is completely indistinguishable. If the lens is used in low-precision applications such as identification and positioning, the resolution requirements are relatively low. If it is a high-precision measurement, then resolution and contrast are aspects that must be considered.




The MTF curve is a visual representation of the accurate and quantitative evaluation of the resolution capability of the lens. It can measure the optical resolution, contrast and chromatic aberration of the lens as a whole, and can be a reference for the quality of the lens.



Pomeas has different types of industrial lenses with different resolutions, which can provide the most suitable optical solutions for different customers.



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