Advantages of Motorized Zoom Lenses




Zoom lens refers to an optical lens whose magnification can be continuously and infinitely adjusted within a certain range. It adopts an infinity optical system, which almost eliminates chromatic aberration and distortion, and has the characteristics of high contrast and high resolution. It is suitable for video observation and inspection of industrial inspection, semiconductor, automation, and microelectronic equipment.


Electric zoom lens is a kind of zoom lens, which refers to the use of electric motor, integrated control card, and control software to adjust the magnification of the lens, and can achieve parfocality by observing the real-time computer screen to obtain the clearest picture. Industrial zoom lens, the lens has automatic alarm protection function, which can effectively protect the lens from mechanical failure.



The types of motorized zoom lenses include two variable lenses and three variable lenses. The second variable lens means that the focal length and focus are changed by the motor drive, and the aperture is automatically controlled by the camera drive signal, that is, the automatic aperture. Three variable means that the three parameters of focal length, focus and aperture are all driven and changed by the electric motor.



The telecentric lens, 4K lens, fixed-focus industrial lens, zoom lens, light source, camera, etc. used in the machine vision inspection solution can all be provided by Pomeas, and the most suitable one will be selected according to the provided working environment and specific parameters. products, and have dedicated application engineers to do product testing. Pomeas has accumulated rich experience in customization of users in all walks of life. Whether in mass production or research experiments, we can find suitable products for your specific application and development process.



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