Optical Design of Industrial Telecentric Lenses




In the machine vision system, industrial lenses are an important component, and there are various types of industrial lenses, including industrial zoom lenses, industrial telecentric lenses, and fixed-focus industrial lenses. Different applications of vision systems are equipped with different types of industrial lenses. Industrial telecentric lenses are often used in the field of precision inspection because of their large depth of field and low distortion.



Industrial telecentric lenses are designed to correct the parallax of traditional industrial lenses. They can be divided into object-side telecentric lenses, image-side telecentric lenses and bilateral telecentric lenses. These three industrial telecentric lenses have different optical designs.



The convergence center of the object principal rays parallel to the optical axis is located at infinity on the image side, which is called the object-side telecentric optical path. Can eliminate reading errors caused by inaccurate focus. The image-side chief ray convergence center parallel to the optical axis is located at infinity on the object side, which is called the image-side telecentric light path. The effect is that measurement errors caused by image-side focus inhibition can be eliminated. The bilateral telecentric optical path combines the dual effects of object-side telecentricity and image-side telecentricity. Mainly used in the field of visual measurement and inspection.



The industrial telecentric lens can make the obtained image magnification unchanged within a certain object distance range, and has a large depth of field design, which can make up for the lack of ordinary industrial lens imaging in the vision system and obtain better images.



Pomeas Optics is a manufacturer of core components for machine vision. The manufacturing process and technical standards are strictly controlled, and the product distortion rate is lower. Various categories such as heart lens can meet the different detection needs of machine vision systems.



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