How one-button image measuring instruments work




With the development of industrial size inspection requirements, the inspection efficiency of traditional imagers appears to be "incapable". Based on this, one-button image measuring instruments came into being. The one-button measuring instrument has the characteristics of rapid detection, small size, convenient and fast measurement, and accurate measurement. The two-dimensional size measurement efficiency of small-sized products is equivalent to multiple two-dimensional image measuring instruments. Compared with traditional conventional measuring tools such as vernier calipers, its The measurement advantage is even more obvious.


The working principle of the one-button image measuring instrument



The one-button image measuring instrument uses a new type of image measurement technology. Through the self-developed large depth of field double telecentric lens combined with a high-resolution industrial camera, the product image is adjusted to a suitable size after taking pictures, and then passed through a powerful The measurement system with computing power completes the pre-programmed instructions, quickly captures the product outline, and finally compares it with the tiny pixel points on the photograph to calculate the product size, and at the same time completes the evaluation of the dimensional tolerance.



The difference between the one-button image measuring instrument and the projector, tool microscope and CNC measuring platform is that it has a large field of view orientation, no need to move the sample, as long as the sample is placed on the stage, and the system can be controlled by the button. Automatically measure the sample size within seconds and display the measurement results. Compared with other types of measuring instruments, it is easy to operate, saves manual training, simple operation, high measurement accuracy and fast speed.



Compared with traditional imagers, the one-button image measuring instrument is more suitable for application scenarios requiring batch measurement or automatic measurement. Such as PCB measurement, watch glass size detection, hardware parts detection, rubber ring size measurement, mobile phone screen size detection and other fields. Pomeas IMAGE3 series image measuring instrument not only meets the product measurement accuracy, but also has lower requirements for operators, and the software is more simple and convenient to use. It has greatly improved the detection efficiency of products, and is more suitable for the modern industrial dimension measurement that pursues "fast", "accurate" and "stable"!



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