Selection steps of industrial cameras




Industrial cameras are key components in machine vision systems. Their essential function is to convert optical signals into ordered electrical signals. Industrial cameras not only directly determine the resolution and image quality of the captured images, but are also directly related to the operating mode of the entire system. Therefore, choosing a suitable industrial camera is an important part of the machine vision system construction. Today, I will introduce some industrial camera selection rules for reference.



1. Select industrial camera resolution



There are various resolutions of industrial cameras on the market, the common ones are 1.2 million pixels, 1.3 million pixels, 1.5 million pixels, 3 million pixels, 6 million pixels, 9 million pixels, 10 million pixels, etc., which can be selected according to the needs of the system. The size of the camera resolution.



2. Select the chip of the industrial camera



Industrial camera chips can be divided into two types: CCD and CMOS. If the object to be photographed is moving and the object to be processed is also a real-time moving object, it is more suitable to choose an industrial camera with a CCD chip, but some CMOS industrial cameras use global exposure. method, you can also choose.



3. Choose the color of the industrial camera



If the project to be processed is related to the color of the image, use a color industrial camera, otherwise, it is recommended to use a black and white industrial camera, because a camera with the same resolution, a black and white camera has higher precision and better results than a color camera.



4. Frame rate of industrial cameras



According to the speed to be detected, the frame rate of the camera is selected to be greater than or equal to the detection speed, that is, the speed of processing the image must be fast, and it must be completed within the exposure and transmission time of the camera.



5. Choice of line scan or area scan camera



For the cases that require high detection accuracy, fast movement speed, and the resolution and frame rate of area scan cameras cannot be reached, line scan industrial cameras can be selected.



In addition to the above rules, the selection of industrial cameras also needs to consider the specific usage, price and manufacturer. The most suitable industrial camera can only be selected by combining various conditions. Pomeas is a supplier of machine vision core components. Industrial cameras, industrial lenses, visual light sources, etc., to complete the construction of a one-stop visual solution.



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