RGB detection for industrial camera applications




POMEAS Optics is a supplier of core components for machine vision and industrial automation. It is widely used in vision technologies such as defect recognition, 3D scanning, 3D high-precision measurement, 3D contour scanning and dimensional inspection. Has rich experience and practical cases in industrial production, automotive, electronics and hardware industries. POMEAS is a domestic industrial camera brand manufacturer. It independently designs and produces various series of industrial cameras, which can be used in various industrial inspection application scenarios, such as mobile phone screen RGB inspection.




The mobile phone screen is an important component of the mobile phone. The shape and arrangement of the RGB of the screen determines the quality of the screen. In order to ensure the quality before shipment, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the mobile phone screen, including whether the RGB is missing, whether the arrangement is abnormal, etc. .




Detecting screen RGB is a very important step in the production process. The actual detection will require sharp RGB edges, full and easy identification of the three primary colors, stable structure and high durability, which can meet the needs of customers for automated detection.




The use of visual inspection equipment equipped with pomeas industrial cameras can ensure clear and sharp images. Pomeas industrial cameras have the characteristics of low power consumption and low noise, and can stabilize Gigabit network transmission. The processing rate is relatively fast and the stability is relatively high. , to meet the needs of automatic detection.



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