Watch frame detection for telecentric industrial lens applications




Watches are common accessories in life. The frame of the watch plays an important role in the appearance quality of the entire watch. During the quality inspection process, high-precision lenses and cameras are required to cooperate with each other to achieve the purpose of measurement.



The telecentric industrial lens is a high-end industrial lens with high depth of field and low distortion. It can correct the parallax of traditional lenses and has a wide range of applications in high-precision measurement, such as the size measurement of precision workpieces such as mobile phones, watches, and PCBs. Let's learn about the application of Pomeas telecentric lens in watch frame detection scheme.



Testing requirements:


High-efficiency automatic detection of watch frame diameter, roundness and other dimensions.



Detection scheme:


1. The lens uses Pomeas 0.16X-0.7X bilateral double telecentric optical lens VP-LDTC-01607-120;


2. Use Pomeas 10 million pixel black and white industrial camera;


3. With parallel bottom light source;


4. Equipped with an industrial computer, combined with the high-precision image analysis system independently developed by Pomeas, to achieve one-click accurate measurement.



Detecting renderings:



Program advantages:


1. The Pomeas bi-telecentric lens has the characteristics of high resolution, ultra-wide depth of field, and low distortion, which can display the frame image of the watch more clearly and truly, and is easy to identify and determine.


2. Pomeas gigabit network black and white industrial camera, high-precision imaging, high-speed stable transmission.


3. Pomeas double telecentric lens + parallel bottom light source + 10 million pixel industrial camera can solve the focusing problem of traditional optical system and meet the precision requirements of customers.



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