Golden Finger Defect Detection for 4K Zoom Lens Application




The 4K zoom lens is a new generation of 4K-level continuous zoom lens with large field of view and high resolution. The resolution is designed according to higher requirements. Compared with the traditional lens, the field of view can be increased by more than 1.45X under the same magnification. It is suitable for cutting tools, Precision detection scenarios such as needle tip and PCB. This article introduces the application of 4K zoom lens in gold finger defect detection.


The gold finger in PCB production is an electrical connection, mainly through the contact between the gold finger and the spring sheet in the card slot, so that the interconnection between the external PCB and the main board is realized. Therefore, the role of gold fingers is extremely important, and in terms of quality control, the detection requirements of gold fingers are also very strict.


Testing requirements:


Detect whether the PCB gold finger has defects such as stains, oxidation, nicks, scratches, and residual glue.


Detection scheme:


1. The lens uses Pomeas 4K zoom lens;


2. The camera uses a 1-inch Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera;


3. With coaxial visual light source.




Program advantages:


1. The Pomeas 4K zoom lens has a large imaging field of view and high magnification imaging, which can more clearly identify the flaws of gold fingers;


2. The Pomeais 1-inch Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera with 4K zoom lens can achieve 4K-level imaging, clear and without smear, and the Gigabit Ethernet high-speed and stable transmission can realize high-speed automatic detection;


3. The Pomeas coaxial light source can highlight the surface information of the product, improve the contrast, and facilitate clear identification.


The 4K zoom lens of Pomeas can greatly improve the detection capability of the traditional zoom lens application field, and provide better solutions for the transformation and upgrading of related industries.



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