PCB dimension measurement solution




PCB board is an important electronic component and the carrier of electrical connection. The PCB board is made by electronic printing, so it can also be called a printed circuit board. In electronic equipment, as long as electronic components are required, they are electrically interconnected by PCB, so the quality of PCB directly affects the performance of electronic equipment. With the rapid development of science and technology, the iteration of electronic products is getting faster and faster, which makes the production requirements of PCBs become more refined, and the quality requirements are also higher. High equipment to meet large-scale testing needs.


PCB size measurement project



Measure the external dimensions of the PCB, including the board line width, line length, line spacing, shape length and width, aperture, hole spacing, angle and other dimensions.



Traditional measurement tools and measurement difficulties



The traditional PCB size measurement is carried out with an imager or a projector. These devices are less intelligent, and most of the steps are manual operations, which are easily affected by subjective factors and cause large errors. In addition, the traditional imager has a small measurement range and low measurement efficiency, which cannot meet the needs of rapid batch delivery in modern PCB production.



POMEAS  solution



IMAGE3 series one-button image measuring instrument is an intelligent and high-precision instrument based on optical image measuring system, combined with high depth of field optical lens, CCD industrial camera and high-precision image analysis algorithm to obtain image data for geometric measurement. High detection efficiency. The measurement range is up to 300x200. Multiple products can be measured at the same time, and the position can be placed anywhere. The object can be automatically positioned, the measurement can be completed with one key, and the evaluation report can be intelligently generated. It can truly realize fast and accurate measurement, and the efficiency can be improved compared with traditional testing tools. dozens of times.



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