Difference Between Industrial Video Microscope and Tool Microscope




As a precision testing instrument, microscopes are widely used in scientific research, medicine, industrial manufacturing and other fields. Microscopes can be divided into various types according to different microscopic principles, such as video microscopes, tool microscopes, electron microscopes, etc. This article mainly introduces the difference between video microscopes and tool microscopes.


The video microscope connects the traditional microscopic camera system with the computer. Through the computer screen preview, multiple people can observe at the same time and reduce eye fatigue; the video microscope has the function of microscopic camera, which saves the observed microscopic effects and forms pictures File; a video microscope produces an upright three-dimensional image of an object when viewing it. With strong stereoscopic effect, clear and wide imaging, and long working distance, it is a conventional microscope with a very wide range of applications.



The tool microscope is a basic precision optical measuring instrument. It uses a precision grating system as the measuring element and has powerful image processing software to complete the microscopic measurement of complex workpieces. During the measurement process, the PC monitor will display the measurement results in real time. High measurement accuracy.



The industrial video microscope is suitable for the inspection of electronic industrial production lines, the verification of printed circuit boards, the verification of welding defects in printed circuit components, and the identification of printed grids, calligraphy and painting, etc. Tool microscope is a multi-purpose measuring instrument widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronic manufacturing and metrology institutes. It can be used to measure the size, shape, angle and position of various parts within the range.



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