Where are optical industrial lenses used?




Optical industrial lenses, as the "eyes" of machine vision, play a vital role in the vision system. There are various categories of industrial lenses, and each type of lens has its own unique technical advantages, so it also has different industrial applications.



According to the focal length adjustment method, industrial lenses can be divided into manual aperture lenses and automatic aperture lenses.



Manual aperture lens is the simplest lens, and the manual aperture is composed of several metal sheets. The luminous flux is adjusted by a ring on the outer diameter of the lens, which can be rotated to narrow or enlarge the aperture. For monitoring a fixed target in an environment with large changes in lighting conditions, an automatic iris lens should be used.



The auto-iris lens can be matched with any industrial camera and can be used in all kinds of light, especially in places where the brightness of the monitored surface varies greatly and the range is large. In order to avoid causing halo and burning the target surface, an automatic aperture lens is generally equipped.



According to whether the focal length is adjustable, industrial lenses can be divided into zoom industrial lenses and fixed-focus industrial lenses.



The zoom industrial lens can be matched with any industrial camera and can be used in all kinds of light. The zoom industrial lens realizes the focal length transformation by pushing, pulling or rotating the zoom ring of the lens.



Fixed focus industrial lens, suitable for indoor monitoring of a fixed target. Generally, it is divided into long focal length lens and short focal length lens. The short focal length industrial lens is usually a lens below 28mm, which is mainly used in the occasions where the ambient lighting conditions are poor and the monitoring range is required to be wide, and the focal length is larger than the imaging size. The focal length of this type of lens is generally above 150mm, and it is mainly used to detect distant scenes.



Industrial lenses also include zoom lenses, telecentric lenses, etc., which can be used in precision visual inspection, workpiece size measurement, industrial microscopic vision alignment, etc.



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