How to choose the right image measuring instrument?




At present, many companies still use vernier calipers for manual inspection of product dimensions. This measurement method cannot meet the needs of large-scale production, and manual inspection cannot ensure that the dimensional data obtained by multiple measurements are not repeated, so the test data error is large. 



Image measuring instrument is a high-precision optical image composed of high-resolution double telecentric optical lens, high frame rate industrial camera, color display, precision grating ruler, multi-function data processor, data measurement software and high-precision table structure. measuring instrument. The image measuring instrument can easily and quickly carry out product size inspection, meeting the increasingly prominent requirements of modern manufacturing for size inspection: faster, more convenient and more accurate measurement needs, and solve the bottleneck in the development of production and manufacturing.



In recent years, image measuring instruments have been widely used in the manufacturing field and are closely related to people's lives, and the industry has also shown a rapid expansion trend. my country's visual measuring instrument industry market is also accelerating the pace of mergers and acquisitions, with a large number of product production and a significant increase.



How to choose the right image measuring instrument?



First of all, you need to know the size of the workpiece to be tested, and select the required measurement stroke according to the size of the test workpiece. If the stroke is small, product measurement is not possible. If the trip is too large, the price will be higher, resulting in waste.



Secondly, understand the measurement accuracy of the image measuring instrument, which needs to be purchased with reference to the accuracy of the products that the factory needs to measure. If the measurement accuracy of the factory products is not high, you can choose the instruments of the general manufacturers. If the accuracy requirements are high, it is necessary to purchase related instruments produced by manufacturers with high instrument accuracy. The Purmis image measuring instrument is a premium choice.



Also, learn about the various functions of the meter. Some function keys can greatly improve the measurement efficiency and shorten the measurement time. Likewise, you should know the technical specifications of each key component, such as whether the machine is imported, accuracy and service life, etc.



Finally, to understand the after-sales service, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the convenience of maintenance. Purmis image measuring instrument, software and hardware are supplied independently, and a professional after-sales team can provide you with services such as software upgrades and customized measurement functions.



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