Application of electric zoom lens




The electric zoom lens is a zoom industrial lens that uses an electric motor to adjust the magnification of the lens. It can achieve parfocality and obtain a clear picture by observing the real-time computer screen. High-precision inspection fields, such as the following scenarios:


1. LED core board detection:


The motorized zoom lens has ultra-low distortion imaging, the aperture can be adjusted, and the depth of field and resolution can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs, to meet the requirements for the detection of surface defects and dimensions of products of different sizes, such as transformer characters and pins, and LED core boards. .



2. Collimator defect identification:


The aperture of the Pomeas electric zoom lens can be adjusted, and the magnification can be adjusted according to the needs of the product, so that the depth of field can meet the needs. It has the characteristics of high resolution, and the imaging effect is better than other zoom lenses at the same magnification, and can clearly identify the scratches, bumps and other defects of the collimator.



3. IC component pin detection:


There are many types of products to be tested. The use of the motorized zoom lens can switch the magnification to be compatible with products of different sizes, and has the advantages of high resolution and low distortion, which can ensure the structure of the coplanarity detection scheme, making the image extremely clear and easy to see. Clear the pin end position to identify whether there is a defect.



The motorized zoom lens independently developed by Pomeas Optics adopts imported DC servo motor, which can achieve high-speed zoom speed and high-precision repeated positioning, high target recognition, clear imaging picture, and meet more visual inspection applications.



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