Three technical advantages of telecentric industrial lenses




The machine vision system is composed of industrial lenses, visual light sources, industrial cameras, analysis algorithms, etc., which can replace human eye detection and judgment, and play an important role in improving product inspection efficiency, ensuring product production safety, reducing man-hours, and realizing automated management.



The industrial lens is an important component in the vision system, and the selection of the industrial lens affects the imaging effect of the entire system. There are various categories of industrial lenses, including zoom industrial lenses, fixed focus industrial lenses, telecentric industrial lenses, etc. Among them, telecentric industrial lenses have three major technical advantages and perform well in large fields of view, precision detection and other occasions.



Three technical advantages of telecentric industrial lenses:



1. Large depth of field, high resolution


Machine vision integrators tend to tend to use cameras with a large number of small pixels in combination with low-pixel, low-resolution lenses, resulting in blurry images. The telecentric lens provided by our company has high resolution and can be used with high-resolution cameras with extremely small pixel size, thereby improving the measurement resolution.



2. Precise and consistent magnification


When the product is in different positions, the image size presented by the near-centre lens is different, which has a particularly great impact on the size detection. When using a telecentric lens, when the object maintains a certain depth of field range, the product size obtained by the telecentric lens will not change with the displacement of the object.



3. Low distortion, no perspective error


The telecentric industrial lens has a very low distortion rate, and the unique optical design can also eliminate the perspective effect and ensure the accurate measurement of the product.



Telecentric lenses have superior optical performance and are key components in high-precision measurement applications. Pomeas is a machine vision and industrial automation core product supplier with R&D and production experience, specializing in 4K zoom lenses, bi-telecentric lenses, 1-inch industrial lenses, visual light sources, high frame rate industrial cameras, and image size measuring instruments. and other products.



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