Comparison of imaging effects between 4K zoom lens and conventional zoom lens




A zoom lens is an optical lens whose magnification can be continuously and infinitely adjusted within a certain range. It can realize the stepless adjustment of the magnification without changing the working distance, and still maintain a high imaging quality when changing the magnification. .



At present, digital cameras with larger targets and higher pixels are becoming the mainstream. The zoom lenses used in traditional 2D image measurement are generally designed based on matching analog cameras. The shortcomings such as small field of view have a great impact on the measurement accuracy and convenience of use. To this end, POMEAS has launched a 4K high-definition zoom lens, which can effectively improve the above problems.



The resolution and field of view of the 4K zoom lens are significantly better than those of the conventional zoom lens. Next, let's look at the renderings of the two practical application cases for comparison.



1.4K zoom lens and conventional zoom lens ITO detection imaging comparison


In the ITO detection, when the field of view is satisfied, the 4K lens has a more uniform image and no vignetting than the conventional zoom lens.



2.4K zoom lens and conventional zoom lens to shoot gold wire solder feet comparison


In the application of gold wire solder fillet detection in the semiconductor industry, compared with the conventional zoom lens, the 4K zoom lens has a larger imaging field of view, not only can see all the solder fillets at one time, but also has a higher definition, which is more conducive to the identification of defect points.



The above image renderings can help you better understand the difference between the 4K zoom lens and the conventional zoom lens. If you need a more detailed selection plan, you can contact POMEAS to provide you with a selection table and technical proposals.



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