Technical advantages of zoom industrial lenses




In the machine vision system, the industrial lens is equivalent to the human eye. A good industrial lens has a good performance in terms of resolution, sharpness, and depth of field. There are various types of industrial lenses, which can be divided into zoom industrial lenses and fixed-focus industrial lenses according to different focusing methods. Among them, the focal length of zoom industrial lenses is variable, which is suitable for the detection of changing objects.


The biggest feature or technical advantage of the zoom industrial lens is that it realizes the function that the focal length of the lens can be changed according to the photographer's wishes.



The zoom industrial lens is similar to the civilian zoom lens, and the principle is similar. The zoom of the civilian camera lens usually has many contacts at the lens buckle, and uses the feedback of the camera itself to perform electric zooming, focusing and other operations.



The zoom industrial lens is generally connected to facilitate user connection. The industrial control of the industrial control is used to realize the focal length change of the lens. Within the zoom range of the lens, the focal length can be infinitely changed, that is, any focal length within the zoom range can be used for photography. This creates conditions for realizing the diversification of composition.



For the zoom system, due to the change of the focal length of the system, the magnification between the objects and images will inevitably change, so the zoom system is also called the zoom system. In addition to changing the magnification between object images, most zoom systems also require that the position of the image plane remain unchanged, that is, the conjugate distance between object images remains unchanged.



With the continuous advancement of optical design and processing technology, as well as the increasing demand for detection in machine vision, zoom industrial lenses are also developing towards large zoom ratios and high definition. Because the zoom lens has the advantage of changing the observation field, one lens can be used to replace multiple lenses in machine vision, which is beneficial to simplify the system mechanism. Therefore, the application of zoom lenses in future machine vision will become more and more extensive.



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