Features and Applications of Zoom Industrial Lenses




A zoom industrial lens is an optical lens in industrial lenses that can change the focal length without changing the lens. For example, for a 12-36mm zoom lens, any focal length between 12-36mm can be obtained by pushing, pulling or rotating the zoom ring of the lens, thereby obtaining different fields of view.



When focusing with a zoom industrial lens, it is best to consider focusing on the maximum position of the image first, that is, using the longest focal length of the lens to focus. Then, reduce the focal length to the desired focal length when shooting. During this process, the image remains sharp at all focal lengths.




With this technique, since it is focused on the largest possible image, it is easier to observe whether the image details are clear, so it is also the most accurate focusing method. Note that some zoom lenses require turning two separate control rings, one for focus and the other for focus. The advantage of this structural arrangement is that once the focus is achieved, the focus will not be accidentally changed by adjusting the focus.




Today's industrial lenses use computers for optical design, and many excellent zoom industrial lenses have been produced. The imaging of many zoom industrial lenses is already very clear, and the volume is quite small. It also has a good performance in some machine vision projects that require a great deal of flexibility but do not require high resolution, such as: workpiece inner holes Defect detection, core inner wall defect identification, label character detection, etc.




The zoom industrial lens has the characteristics of changing the detection field of view. In machine vision projects, one lens can be used to replace multiple lenses to simplify the structure of the vision system. With the continuous improvement of lens optical design and production and processing technology, as well as the increasing demand for machine vision inspection, zoom industrial lenses are also developing towards high resolution, and there will be more and more applications in machine vision projects in the future.



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