Three advantages of zoom industrial lenses




In modern industrial production, high-efficiency and high-precision product testing is the basic requirement of many industries, such as: electronics, mobile phones, stamping parts and other industries. Traditional human eye recognition will have large errors and low efficiency in these industries. Problems, the use of machine vision systems can solve these defects very well. The machine vision system is composed of industrial lenses, industrial cameras, light sources, image processing software, etc. Each part can directly affect the performance of the system, so it needs a good understanding.



The zoom industrial lens refers to the lens whose magnification can be adjusted steplessly within a certain range. The Pomeas zoom industrial lens has three advantages, and it has unique applicability in the application scene of the machine vision system for batch and precision product measurement.



1. High resolution

Resolution refers to the ability of a measurement or display system to resolve details. Generally refers to the clarity of the image. The higher the resolution, the more detail you can see. Pomeas zoom industrial lens adopts infinitely far parallel light incident, which has the characteristics of high resolution and high contrast, which can improve image recognition, detection accuracy, repeating lens, etc., and meet the needs of machine vision system in the detection of precision processed products.



2. Low distortion

Industrial lens distortion, also known as image distortion, refers to the straight line outside the main axis in the plane of the subject, which becomes a curve after being imaged by the optical system. Usually lens distortion includes pincushion distortion, barrel distortion, and linear distortion. Distortion will affect the measurement accuracy of the system. The Pomeas zoom industrial lens is designed for ultra-low distortion, which has great advantages for high-precision dimensional measurement systems.



3. Apochromatic

Due to the dispersion of optical materials, the same lens, the color of the light source is different, and the focal length is also different, that is, "chromatic aberration". Chromatic aberration can lead to blurry images or rainbow fringes at the intersection of light and dark. The Pomeas zoom industrial lens improves the traditional design and greatly improves the corrected achromatic effect. After changing the wavelength, there is no need to adjust the focus.



The Pomeas zoom industrial lens adopts a "modular design", which is easy to install. It also has a built-in focusing group and coaxial light. You can choose the configuration according to your own product needs. Especially suitable for video observation and inspection of industrial measurement, LCD, LED, semiconductor, and microelectronic equipment.



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