What structure does a telecentric industrial lens consist of?




The telecentric industrial lens is an optical lens specially designed to correct the parallax problem of traditional industrial lenses. It is widely used in high-end intelligent inspection equipment and machine vision solutions. What are the structures of the telecentric lens? What are the influences on the imaging quality of telecentric industrial lenses?


1. Beamsplitter: It is an optical component used to split incident light into two different beams at a specified ratio. Telecentric industrial lenses can be divided into coaxial telecentric lenses and non-coaxial telecentric lenses. Coaxial telecentric lenses are equipped with beam splitters, while non-coaxial telecentric lenses have no beam splitters. The coaxial system light needs one reflection and one penetration, and the problem of light "walking" occurs twice, while the non-coaxial system only needs one penetration. The product grade of the beam splitter also determines the imaging of the coaxial telecentric lens. quality.



2. Diaphragm: The function of the diaphragm is to constrain the beam components entering the industrial lens, so that beneficial beams enter the lens for imaging, while harmful beams cannot enter the lens. The field diaphragm limits and constrains the imaging range of the lens. A stray light stop can limit stray light from reaching the image plane. The aperture stop determines the diameter of the imaging beam entering the industrial lens and affects the brightness of the imaging surface of the industrial lens. Telecentric industrial lenses can be divided into object-side telecentric lenses, image-side telecentric lenses and bilateral telecentric lenses. The object-side telecentric lens is to place the aperture stop on the image-side focal plane of the optical system, and the object-side principal ray is parallel to the optical axis and the convergence center of the principal ray is located at infinity on the object side; Placed on the object-side focal plane of the optical system, the image-side principal ray is parallel to the optical axis and the convergence center of the principal ray is located at infinity on the image side; the double-sided telecentric lens combines the characteristics of the above two lenses.



The telecentric industrial lens has a precise structure and excellent performance. It is very suitable for precision visual inspection scenarios that require high lens distortion. As a professional optical lens manufacturer, Pomeas products include bilateral telecentric lenses, high resolution Fixed magnification macro telecentric lens and other types, welcome to consult and purchase.



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