Features and uses of industrial macro lenses




Industrial macro lens is a special lens used for macro photography. It is mainly used to shoot very fine objects. It can be used to observe workpieces at close range in machine vision inspection systems.


Features of Industrial Macro Lenses



In order to focus correctly on very close subjects, industrial macro lenses are usually designed to be stretched longer to keep the optical center as far away from the sensor as possible. At the same time, the design of the lens group must also pay attention to Control of deformation and chromatic aberration at close range.



Most industrial macro lenses are fixed focal lengths, ranging from 50mm to 200mm. The maximum aperture is generally f/2.8. The length of the focal length does not affect the magnification.



The industrial macro lens is a macro-precision imaging design, clear imaging at a short working distance, and has a low distortion rate, which is comparable to a telecentric lens.



Uses of industrial macro lenses:



1. Plastic parts inspection: The product image of plastic parts is collected through an industrial macro lens, and magnified several times to complete the inspection of plastic parts defect points more clearly and quickly, eliminate defective products, and ensure product quality.



2. Spring appearance inspection: use double lenses, designed at a 90° angle, and capture images from two directions at the same time, better obtain high-quality images, and complete the inspection with high precision.



3. Barcode identification: Clear and efficient identification of product barcodes provides valuable information for production so that measures can be taken during the production process.



Industrial macro lenses are widely used in machine vision production automation, mainly to check the appearance quality of products moving at high speed on the manufacturing line and the defects of subtle parts that are difficult to detect with the naked eye.



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