What is the role of telecentric industrial lenses in precision visual inspection?




In recent years, my country's manufacturing industry is rapidly transforming into a technology-intensive one, and the requirements for precision machining and manufacturing continue to increase. Machine vision inspection technology is widely used in industrial inspection due to its advantages of high inspection accuracy, fast efficiency, and avoidance of manual errors.




Machine vision inspection ensures production efficiency and quality for precision parts processing in aerospace, communications, automotive, mechatronics and other industries, and has technical advantages such as high efficiency, high precision, and high accuracy. However, a set of high-quality machine vision inspection solutions must be supported by professional and reliable optical accessories.



The optical accessories in the machine vision inspection system include industrial lenses, industrial cameras and visual light sources. There are many types of industrial lenses on the market. For some precision inspection occasions, telecentric industrial lenses are generally used.




The telecentric industrial lens is mainly used for dimensional measurement of precision parts and detection of surface defects with large depth of field. With the gradual improvement of product accuracy requirements in various industries, traditional optical lenses have been unable to meet market demand. Because telecentric industrial lenses have the advantages of no change in magnification with working distance, high resolution, and low distortion, which not only saves customers' vision correction , The development time spent on calibration also ensures the measurement accuracy and process requirements, and further improves the production efficiency and product quality of the end user. Especially in the automotive and semiconductor industries, there are extensive and common high-precision measurement and positioning requirements. The low distortion and parallax-free properties of bi-telecentric and telecentric industrial lenses are highly compatible with them.




The Pomeas telecentric industrial lens has a large depth of field, which can avoid visual errors caused by product fluctuations. Ultra-low distortion and ultra-high telecentricity can ensure the stability of detection accuracy.



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