The role of industrial lenses in placement machines




The placement machine, also known as the placement machine, is a mechanical device that mounts components on the PVB soldering pad without any errors. With the development of technology and the improvement of production demand, the utilization rate of placement machines has been greatly improved. From the original single placement to the current multi-functional placement equipment, not only simple workpiece placement, but also placement Precise components such as chips that cannot be accurately calibrated by the human eye. The placement machine can replace manual placement, improve placement accuracy and placement efficiency, and save time and labor costs.





The placement machine is mainly composed of a rack, a PCB transfer mechanism and a support table, a placement head, a feeder, a sensor, an optical recognition system, an X, Y positioning system, and a computer operating software. Each part is very important and directly affects the The performance of the placement machine.




In the optical identification system of the placement machine, the industrial lens can directly identify the positioning components, and obtain the vital feedback that needs to be corrected for changes in components and work materials. The optical identification system composed of industrial lenses, CCD industrial cameras, light sources, etc., plays an important role in the placement machine. By adopting advanced vision technology, a higher placement rate can be achieved, and the possibility of defects in the picking process can be reduced, which is conducive to improving the production line throughput and increasing economic benefits.




The main function of the industrial lens is to transmit the product image to the photosensitive surface of the image sensor, which can be used in industrial quality inspection and screening, MARK point positioning, glue dispenser, parts confirmation, size measurement equipment, industrial micro CCD alignment and other fields. Primis industrial lenses have a variety of categories, which can provide cost-effective selection solutions for different application scenarios.



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