Application of industrial lens in character detection of daily necessities bottle caps




Industrial lenses are important optical accessories and are widely used in visual inspection projects, such as inspection of daily necessities bottle caps.




There are many essential daily necessities in life, such as: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc. These daily necessities are usually printed on the bottle body and bottle cap with LOGO, product name, instructions for use, ingredient list, etc., so that customers can better understand the product functions. However, in the production process of bottle caps for daily necessities, there may be defects such as character wear, deletion, misprinting, etc. In order to ensure that these defective products do not enter the market and affect customers' impression of the brand, these products need to be removed to ensure that the products enter the market. quality and integrity.



Testing requirements:


Efficiently and accurately identify whether the bottle cap characters are worn, missing, misprinted and other defects, and at the same time, identify the concentricity of the inner rubber ring of the bottle cap.




Detection scheme:


1. The lens uses POMEAS 8 million pixel industrial lens VP-LGHM-1620M;


2. The camera uses POMEAS Gigabit CCD industrial camera;


3. With self-developed character detection system and ring visual light source.



Program advantages:


1. POMEAS industrial lens VP-LGHM-1620M has the characteristics of high resolution and contrast, low distortion and low distortion imaging, uniform distribution of central light and edge light, which can obtain more realistic product images.


2. The POMEAS Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera has stable transmission and clear high-resolution imaging. When paired with an 8-megapixel industrial lens, it can identify character defects more clearly and quickly.




POMEAS is a core product supplier of machine vision and industrial automation. The company's products include industrial lenses, zoom lenses, telecentric lenses, industrial cameras, visual light sources, one-button size measuring instruments, etc., which can provide industrial inspection, size measurement and other projects. Complete solution.



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