What technologies are used in industrial camera lenses?




The main function of the industrial camera lens is to image the target on the photosensitive surface of the image sensor. The quality of the lens directly affects the overall performance of the machine vision system. Reasonable selection and installation of the lens is an important part of the design of the machine vision system. So what technology is mainly used in industrial camera lenses?



1. Focusing technology

For the lens, the image distance of the target imaging at different object distances is different. For the target to be observed, its imaging surface does not necessarily coincide with the photosensitive surface of the camera. In order to obtain a clear image, it is necessary to adjust the position of the imaging surface to coincide with the photosensitive surface. This process is focusing.




2. Zoom technology

Zoom means that the lens itself can be adjusted to make the focal length have a large range of change. In the use of this lens, the imaging magnification can be changed by zooming, and at the same time, the position of the image plane can be kept unchanged, so that the image magnification is changed and the imaging is always clear. Strong adaptability and wide range of use.




3. Automatic aperture

Adjusting the aperture of the lens essentially changes the aperture size of the aperture diaphragm, thereby changing the amount of incoming light and achieving the purpose of adjusting the brightness of the imaging surface. This process can be done manually or driven by a motor. The latter implementation is automatic aperture adjustment.




4. Telecentric optical path

The telecentric optical path can be divided into two types: the object-side telecentric optical path and the image-side telecentric optical path. These two optical paths are essentially the same, and are the forward and reverse applications of the same optical path. Most of them appear in measuring instruments. The imaging characteristics of the object-side telecentric optical path are: the size of the image is not sensitive to the object distance, but it is very sensitive to the image distance; while the imaging characteristic of the image-side telecentric optical path is that the size of the image is Sensitive to object distance, but insensitive to image distance.




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