What are the parts of an autofocus video microscope?




Video microscope is a combination of traditional microscope and camera system, display or computer to achieve the purpose of magnifying observation of the measured object. POMEAS autofocus video microscope adopts an integrated body design, and a complete set of optical systems is independently developed. It has functions such as light source switching, continuous zooming, and autofocusing. It is dedicated to helping your quality inspection business.



Autofocus video microscopes allow you to view samples from a whole new angle on the monitor without using eyepieces. And can display and save high-quality full-color still images, dynamic high-definition video. So what are the components of a video microscope? This article will give you a detailed introduction.



The composition of the autofocus video microscope:



1. Industrial camera: 2 million high-definition cameras, capturing images at 60 frames per second;



2. Continuous zoom industrial lens: continuous zoom, quick change of magnification;



3. Light source: improve brightness, overcome ambient light interference, and ensure image stability; according to the characteristics of customer samples, various light source matching modes can be provided;



4. Display: no eyepiece is needed, and the large display is more conducive to observation;



5. Adjustable focus stage and bracket.



The above content is an introduction to the composition of the autofocus video microscope. With the development of electronic technology, the functions of the microscope have also been improved through them, making it easier and easier to operate. Because of its unique advantages, autofocus video microscopes are widely used in semiconductors, electronics, clocks, mobile phones and other fields, and have achieved greater development in the industry.



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