What are the functions of the one-touch image measuring instrument?




The one-button image measuring instrument is a fully automatic size inspection equipment. Through the perfect combination of telecentric imaging and intelligent image processing system, it can achieve automatic, high-precision and fast measurement.



What are the functions of the one-button image measuring instrument?



1. Can provide complete geometric measurement function

The one-button image measuring instrument has basic measurement functions such as point, line, arc, circle, ellipse, point-to-point, point-to-line, line-to-line, circle-to-circle, etc. It can measure distance, circle, perpendicularity, radius, diameter , arc, R angle and other dimensions.



2. After the product is placed, the measurement can be completed with one key

Through the positioning function, the position, direction and measurement position of the product are automatically identified, the product is placed on the stage, and the measurement can be started only by pressing a button. The measurement speed of the system is fast, and it can measure 100 parts in one second.



3. The product can be accurately measured even if there is a step difference

The one-button image measuring instrument is equipped with a double-sided telecentric lens, which has high telecentricity and low distortion. Even if there is a step difference, the image at the edge of the lens will not be deformed, so there is no need to worry about the position of the measurement object.



4. Has a powerful edge-finding function

Double telecentric lens with 10 million pixel industrial camera and automatic lifting multi-angle surface light and carefully customized surface coaxial light, with independent edge-finding AI edge computing algorithm to easily achieve accurate surface edge finding, boundary noise filtering invalid area, to achieve surface size High-precision dimensional measurement.



5. Automatic output report

Test reports and statistical reports can be produced by one-click, without the cumbersome process of data transmission and computer input, and can be directly output in various formats such as EXCEL to quickly display good and bad products, and can also be automatically uploaded to the customer data management system.



POMEAS IMAGE3 one-button image measuring instrument has high measurement accuracy and high speed, and can be used for mobile phone middle frame size measurement, mobile phone glass size measurement, semiconductor size measurement, die-cutting size detection, watch glass size measurement, hardware size measurement, automotive zero Precision measurement applications such as accessory size inspection.



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