What does a coaxial phototelecentric lens do?




Telecentric optical lens can be divided into two types: coaxial optical lens and non-coaxial telecentric lens. The coaxial telecentric lens is equipped with a beam splitter, which can provide more uniform lighting conditions, with low distortion, large depth of field, and high telecentricity. Features.



Due to its special optical design, the coaxial light lens can screen the light coaxial with the camera, and can highlight the characteristics of the measured object through the contrast of light and dark, help the vision system to capture product defects, and make machine vision inspection more convenient and efficient.



Application of coaxial telecentric lens:



1. Transparent glass defect detection: glass is easy to reflect light, the use of coaxial optical telecentric lens can solve the problem of reflection and light transmission, clearly show the subtle defects on the glass, and the detection efficiency is high.



2. Recognition of packaging barcode: the telecentric lens has the characteristics of high resolution and low distortion, and the characters of the barcode are clear, with high contrast and no deformation.



3. PCB board guidance and positioning: in the PCB guidance and positioning system, the coaxial telecentric lens can clearly observe the product image within a certain height, ensuring the stability and reliability of the system.



Coaxial telecentric lenses are widely used in industrial vision inspection, automation, semiconductor and other fields, such as scratch detection of smooth objects, wafer surface detection, character recognition, etc. POMEAS is a supplier of industrial visual inspection core products, which can provide users with industrial lenses, industrial cameras, visual light sources, image processing systems and other core components and complete visual solutions.



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