Effect of Light Source Uniformity on Image Detection Accuracy




The visual light source is a key part of the image measurement system. Its function is to project light onto the measured object, highlight the detected part, and obtain high-quality product images. In the application of image size measurement, the uniformity of the light source, the appropriate light intensity, and the stability of the light source will all have an impact on the quality of the collected image and the extraction of image edges.




What is the uniformity of the light source? What is the specific influence of the uniformity of the light source on the image detection accuracy?



The uniformity of the light source refers to the illuminance value from the light source to the illuminated object. In the application of visual inspection, uniform illumination will be required, because the uneven light source will cause uneven reflection. In the application of visual inspection, it brings a big problem, which directly affects the image quality, resulting in low detection accuracy.




The unevenness of the light source is mainly affected by three factors: first, the visual field problem. In general, the light in the visual field is uniform. In short, the dark area of ​​the picture lacks reflected light, while the bright area is too reflective. Technically, we can understand that uneven light is stronger in some areas than in other areas, and the visual perception is that the surface of the object is not smooth.




Therefore, we need to choose a uniform light source. Even if the surface shape of the object is different, the reflection generated by the light source in each part is uniform. Selecting a suitable visual light source can make the visual inspection part more obvious. POMEAS has various types of visual light sources and can provide you with a detailed selection scheme.



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