What is a high-speed industrial camera?




Industrial cameras are the core components in machine vision systems, which can directly affect the performance of the system. According to different classifications, industrial cameras can be divided into area scan cameras and line scan cameras, CCD cameras and CMOS cameras, high-speed industrial cameras and general industrial cameras. Among them, high-speed industrial cameras have absolute functional advantages compared with ordinary industrial cameras. They can convert the occurrence, development and movement laws of high-speed motion phenomena into clear images, which can be used to detect high-speed moving objects.



What is a high-speed industrial camera? In layman's terms, a camera that collects more than 25 images per second can be called a high-speed camera. High-speed industrial cameras can capture many instantaneous information invisible to the human eye, and are widely used in scenes such as bee flight, water drop motion, athlete movement trajectory recording, ballistic analysis, and car crash experiments.




In industrial inspection, the impact of high-speed industrial cameras is even more. Today, automation is the mainstay of industrial production processes, so the requirements for production speed are extremely strict. However, in the case of high-speed production, if the quality inspection, workpiece measurement and other links cannot be adapted, it is easy to cause confusion in the production process.




By applying high-speed industrial cameras and integrating machine vision technology into automated production, production pipeline and inspection automation can be realized, which can greatly improve the safety of the working environment, meet the needs of high-speed inspection, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and promote high-speed High quality production.




With the increasing application of machine vision technology, high-speed industrial cameras themselves are constantly upgrading product performance and enriching product categories. POMEAS is a professional machine vision and industrial automation core product supplier. The products include zoom lenses, industrial cameras, visual light sources, image measuring instruments, industrial cameras, etc., which can provide you with one-stop component selection and solution.



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