Features of industrial measurement microscopes




In industrial production and manufacturing, it is often necessary to use a variety of precision instruments to do a good job of quality control. Industrial measurement microscope is a multi-functional, high-precision and high-reliability instrument, which can magnify observation and measurement of high-precision parts and electronic components, etc., and plays an important role in the field of precision production and microscopic inspection.



What are the features of industrial measurement microscopes?


1.Ultra-long distance optical system design . Greatly reduce the influence and limitation of optical components on imaging, better play the imaging effect of the microscope.


2. Adopting imported precision screw drive, more accurate positioning.


3. Bright / dark field / DIC and other live viewing, image clarity, wide field of view.


4. Equipped with 5x, 10x, 20x, 50X objective lenses, it can be switched according to the user's actual needs and scenarios to better meet the various needs of customers.


5. Equipped with a fast-moving worktable that is particularly favourable for large-size measurements, it can be adapted to the observation of objects of different sizes, and carry out fast and subtle movements for more convenient observation.



Industrial measurement microscope refers to optical instruments based on optical microscope aiming and used for two-dimensional coordinate worktable dimension measurement. The structure is simple, easy to operate, extremely wide range of application, using high image quality optical system, with high measurement accuracy and operational efficiency.


Industrial measurement microscope can measure the diameter, length, angle and position of holes of various complex workpieces, such as cutting tools, metal processing parts, stamping parts, plastic parts and other workpieces, and can also be used for microscopic observation, which is widely applied to the inspection of product parts in the production workshop and metrology testing laboratory.



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