Application of Line Scan Industrial Lens in Lithium Battery Inspection




Machine vision as an important part of lithium battery quality inspection, the right industrial lens can bring the advantages of large field of view, high precision detection.Line scan industrial lens is a high-speed, high-precision image acquisition lens, in lithium battery inspection is increasingly widely used, mainly used to detect the appearance of lithium battery defects, dimensional accuracy, joint welding quality.




The application of line scan industrial lens in lithium battery inspection:


1. Appearance defect detection: Line Scan industrial lens can detect defects on the surface of lithium battery shell, such as swelling, bubbles, cracks, etc., to ensure the integrity of the appearance of lithium batteries.


2. Dimensional accuracy detection: Line Scan industrial lens can be used to detect the dimensional accuracy of lithium batteries, such as diameter, thickness, etc., to ensure that the lithium battery meets the specifications.


3. Joint welding quality detection: Line Scan industrial lens can be used to detect the welding quality of lithium battery joints, such as weld seams, weld joints, etc., to ensure that the welding quality meets the requirements to avoid leakage, short-circuit and other problems.


4. Internal inspection of the battery cell: Line Scan industrial lens can be used to detect the material distribution, gaps, connectors, etc. inside the lithium battery cell to ensure the quality of the cell and battery performance.


5. Label quality inspection: Line Scan industrial lens can be used to detect the quality and paste of lithium battery labels, such as label size, color, location, etc., to ensure the clarity and integrity of the label.



Line scan industrial lens can be high-speed, high-precision image acquisition and analysis of lithium batteries, which plays an important role in the production and inspection of lithium batteries.



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