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The composition of an automobile contains countless parts, each of which is very important. Therefore, there is a need for good information traceability and quality inspection of each component in automobile manufacturing.



POMEAS is a machine vision and industrial automation core product suppliers, can provide automated automotive parts vision solution needs to be used in the lens, camera, light source, software recognition system, etc., this article introduces the clutch flywheel detection configuration solution.



The flywheel is the main workpiece of the clutch. During the assembly process, it is usually necessary to complete tests for the absence of springs and ball rollers inside the clutch, as well as for the correct mounting position.




Detection Solution:


1. Lenses using POMEAS bilateral double-magnification telecentric industrial lenses;


2. Camera using POMEAS 5 MP high frame rate industrial camera;


3. With ring vision light source and POMEAS independently developed vision inspection system.



Detection Effect Diagram:



Solution Advantage:


Clutch flywheel size is large, using dual telecentric industrial lenses, with large depth of field, high resolution, low distortion and other advantages, with ring vision light source, can emphasize the internal image of the clutch, and accurately complete the visual inspection.



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