Transparent Glass Defect Detection Solution




With the rapid development of science and technology, 3D glass, smart glass and other emerging technology glass have come out, is widely used in electronics, instrumentation and other fields.And in life, it is common to see transparent glass being used in homes, cups, and electronics.Transparent glass production involves several processes, each of which may produce defects due to manufacturing processes, human factors, etc. In order to screen out products with defects, rigorous quality detection is required.



Detection Requirements:

     To detect the presence of bubbles, scratches, inclusions and other defects on the surface and inside the glass.





Detection Difficulties:

     Transparent glass itself not only transmits light but also reflects light, using ordinary industrial lenses, the image is susceptible to stray light, unable to accurately identify defects.





Detection Solution:

     Using POMEAS bilateral telecentric industrial lens, high resolution, unique telecentric light path design, can avoid the interference of external stray light, no blind area for shooting, quickly extract the surface characteristics of the transparent glass, to identify the presence of defects, to enhance the efficiency of the inspection.



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