Injection Molding Parts Appearance Visual Detection Solution




Visual detection of the appearance of injection molded parts can standardize the product appearance inspection and quality standards to ensure product quality, so it needs to be strictly controlled in industrial production.


Detection Requirements:

     Identify the presence of oil, black spots, shrinkage, deformation and other defects on the surface of injection molded parts.



Detection difficulties:

     Some manufacturers are still using manual visual inspection method, this detection method is not only low detection efficiency, unstable detection quality, flexibility and adaptability is also poor, can not meet the production needs.




Detection Solution:

     Using machine vision detection system, automated identification of defects, high detection efficiency, stable quality and high adaptability. POMEAS is a machine vision and industrial automation core product supplier, can provide industrial lenses, industrial cameras, vision light source and other core devices required for the appearance inspection of injection molded parts.




Below is a set of possible options:

     1. lenses using POMEAS high precision 0.5-1X zoom telecentric lenses;


     2. camera using 500W black and white industrial camera;


     3. with white shadowless ring light source.


The solution can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of the depth of field and resolution, true reproduction of product images, clear and fast identification of defects in the appearance of injection molded parts.



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