What Lens and Light Source are Used for Detecting Characters on Metal Parts?




Metal parts are widely used in industrial production, and the quality of metal parts is directly related to product quality and production efficiency. Character detection of metal parts is an important link in the production of metal parts.By detecting the characters of metal parts, the model, batch and other information of the metal parts can be effectively identified to ensure the consistency and traceability of the metal parts. It can also prevent erroneous operations and production losses caused by character errors. Therefore, the importance of metal parts character detection cannot be underestimated.



Due to problems such as reflection and uneven illumination on metal surfaces, traditional detection methods usually rely on manual intervention and are difficult to achieve automation and mass production. The vision solution can automatically adapt to various lighting conditions and achieve high-precision character detection on complex backgrounds.


The visual solution consists of industrial lenses, industrial cameras, visual light sources, image processing systems, etc. There are many types of products on the market, and it is necessary to build a suitable and cost-effective metal character visual solution through selection.


POMEAS is a professional machine vision component and solution service provider. It has variable magnification lenses, telecentric lenses, industrial lenses, line scan lenses, visual light sources, industrial cameras and other visual solution accessories. It can provide complete sets of visual solutions for metal parts character detection.


POMEAS telecentric industrial lenses and high-angle annular vision light sources can be used when detecting characters on metal parts. The telecentric lens adopts a special optical design, which can effectively avoid the impact of stray reflections from metal parts and improve image quality. The high-angle ring light source can highlight the outline of characters and help complete character detection quickly and clearly.



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