Application of Line Scan Lens in New Energy Battery Detection




Batteries are a key component of new energy vehicles, and their manufacturing level can directly affect vehicle performance.Therefore, although the battery manufacturing process is very complex, every process including coating, lamination, welding and packaging must undergo strict testing.


The line scan industrial lens is a high-performance optical lens that is becoming more and more widely used and is also used in battery testing. The application of line scan lenses in the field of new energy batteries has the following aspects:



1. Lithium battery PACK line glue coating positioning detection: judge the offset of the cabinet by taking pictures of the Mark points of the cabinet, guide the robot to perform position compensation and complete the glue coating work. After glue coating and positioning, it assists the glue shape detection station to detect the glue spacing.


2. Battery PACK line module loading and positioning detection: Combined with an industrial camera to take pictures of the PACK box, locate the box position, and guide the robot to accurately place the module.


3. Blue film detection at the bottom of the PACK line module: Check the appearance of the blue film to determine whether there are defects such as damage, scratches, bubbles, cracks, etc.



Advantages of line scan industrial lenses:


1. Line scan lenses have higher speed than traditional lenses and can scan objects at high speed, which is suitable for high-speed production of battery components.


2. The line scan lens has high resolution and can capture very small details and defects, ensuring the high quality and stability of battery components.


3. The line scan lens has high adaptability and can achieve overall control of the automated production line by cooperating with other equipment, saving labor and time costs, and improving production efficiency and quality.



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