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With the continuous development of the mobile phone market, the quality of cell phones has become a matter of great concern. The front cover glass of a cell phone is an important component of the cell phone. The size data of this part is very critical to the quality of the cell phone. Therefore, strict testing is required. There are various types of dimension measurement equipment on the market. How should you choose?



The POMEAS image dimension measuring instrument is a precision dimensional measuring instrument. It is equipped with a bi-telecentric industrial lens that can correct the parallax of traditional lenses. It has high resolution, low distortion rate, large depth of field and other performance characteristics, and can be used to measure the size of cell phone front cover glass, and has the following advantages:


1. The image measuring instrument is equipped with an autofocus function. Different positions of the measured product have no impact on the results, making the measurement results more accurate and significantly improving the measurement accuracy.


2. Compared with traditional measurement methods, image measuring instruments have the advantage of rapid automation and can complete the measurement of a large number of samples in a short time. At the same time, the image measuring instrument has data processing capabilities and can automatically organize and analyze data, improving the efficiency and accuracy of measurement.


3. As the cell phone market gradually matures, cell phone manufacturers are paying more and more attention to improving production efficiency. The use of image measuring instruments allows manufacturers to better grasp the quality control nodes in the production process, thereby ensuring product quality stability and avoiding wasting materials and human resources due to substandard dimensions.


The POMEAS image measuring instrument is very suitable for measuring the length, width, arc, distance and other dimensions of mobile phone front cover glass. And it is widely used in dimensional measurement projects such as electronic components, hardware processing parts, auto parts, laser cutting machines, etc.



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