Three tips for choosing an industrial camera




Industrial camera is a key part of machine vision inspection, the performance of the industrial camera can directly affect the imaging quality of the system, so how should the type of industrial camera be selected?


1. Define the measurement accuracy of the product to be detected:determine whether the product to be detected is dynamic or static; determine the size of the field of view of the industrial camera.


2. Understand the performance of industrial cameras and make judgement based on camera parameters:


① Understand the transmission mode of the camera: common data transmission interfaces for industrial cameras are USB, VGA, HDMI, GigE, Cameralink, CoaPress, etc., all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to your needs.


② Determine the pixel size of the camera phase surface: Through calculation, determine the pixel size of the camera phase surface to reduce the hardware error.


③Choose the trigger mode of the camera: you can choose the software trigger mode in the dynamic detection and the products through continuous motion trigger signal; in the high-speed dynamic detection and the products through high-speed motion trigger signal you can choose the hardware trigger mode; in the static detection and the products through continuous motion can not be able to trigger the signal you can choose the continuous acquisition mode.


④ Understand the image sensor of the camera: the image sensor is the light-sensitive element of the industrial camera, which is mainly divided into CCD and CMOS, and you can choose the chip type according to the inspection requirements.


3. Understand the camera brand, if possible, you can visit the factory in order to understand the industrial camera models more thoroughly, but also to see the company's product quality and strength, which will help the selection.


The above is POMEAS to provide you with three tips for choosing industrial cameras, I believe that through the above methods, we can choose a stronger applicability of industrial cameras.POMEAS is also a supplier of industrial cameras, you can directly contact customer service, to provide you with the model list and selection programme.




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